Word Cloud

Everyone uses Wordle and it's great, but unfortunately, you can't do much with it except put in an address or a website and it gives you a picture  of a cloud that has some words appearing larger because of the frequentcy of the source text.  You can change the font, the layout and the coolor schedule in some wordles but not all.  Here is a list of other word clouds that you can explore and see which one make the best or best suites your needs for your class.


Several features that do not figure in Wordle are incorporated in Tagul.For example, you have the option of choosing personalized shapes and multiple fonts to be used in your cloud. These words may be tagged and used to lead to URLs once they are embedded in a web page. There are several options, though registration can be an obstacle for usage in classrooms. This app requires email and login to be accessed.


Tag Crowd

 Unlike Wordle, there is no provision for choosing color, layout variations or even creating a unique style. You will be able to upload a file or use a URL address to do it. You can save the word cloud as a PDF or make printouts. In addition, this one does not need email or login and the free usage is to promote the nonprofit concept.

Word it Out

This program  cancreate word clouds from any text, similar to the way Wordle does. The text needs to be pasted into the box assigned for it. The application enables the word cloud to be personalized as per requirement and lets you choose the font, color theme, and the size as well. If you do not want to use certain words, would like to exclude them, and lets you ignore them and keep them out. This application does not need a log in, however to use the saving options, email is required. You can also get a screen print by right clicking your mouse.

Make Word Mosaic

This one is from Image Chef and is one of the best creative tools you can find for your classroom. It has so much to offer in creativity - different colors, fonts and shapes, and is an easy to use word cloud. You can email your creations to various social network forums and have them posted/embedded. Saving information is easy and can be accomplished with the push of a button. If you require larger images with better resolutions, you need to pay.   You don't need to put in your email or login, though it would make sense to go through the terms and conditions before setting off with your students.


Wordsift is presented by Stanford University and allows you to do anything with or to a word. Though it does not have the features Wordle has, it is a versatile app that lets you study a word cloud. The words may be listed by their commonality and rarity, and allows them to be listed in order, alphabetically. By merely clicking on a word, Wordsift lets you view the meaning in an online dictionary; helps view the images through Google, and understand the word sentence placement as well. The subject they are related to, through a specialized color coding system can view words. It lets you analyze lengthy speeches and oratories. This app does not require email or login and print is through screen print.


Has such a hugh selection of shapes and fonts.  You can even order a TV or cup afterward. 

You are Your Words

You upload a picture, then type in the words to descripe the picture and the program puts the words in the shape of the picture. This free tool is available thanks to the American Heritage Dictionary.


VocabGrabber analyzes any text you're interested in, generating lists of the most useful vocabulary words and showing you how those words are used in context.  Just copy text form a docujent and paste it into the box, then click on the "Grab Vocabulary" button and it automatically makes a list of cabulary for you. You can sort, filter, and save it in the end.  Select an word on the list and yuou'll see a snapshot of the Visusal Thesaurus map and definitions for that word, along with exmaples of the word in your text.  Click on the word map or highlighted word in the example to see the Visual Thesaurus in action.


All the best - on a game site but if you can control the kids then you're fine to do this.