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Migration of Animals in Yellowstone park.

11/04/2016 10:13
Further National Geographic information on elk. More National Geographic information on pronghorn antelope.  Applications for Education This video could be a great introduction to a lesson on animal behavior and habitat. Ask your students to investigate why the animals migrate,...


14/01/2016 14:13
Do the following lesson with your students.  The lesson is by Laura Kaemming. Materials: Music Alive magazine (December 2000 issue); musical excerpts from: “Ice, Ice Baby” as performed by Vanilla Ice, “Under Pressure” as performed by Queen, “My Sweet Lord” as performed by George Harrison,...


14/01/2016 13:53
Bib-me is a fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills.  It's the easiest way to generate citations, to list all the books, websites, and magazies that you have used for an assignment.  If you use someone else's work you say it.  You can even ask the person if it's ok to use...

Anti-Plagiarism list

14/01/2016 13:52
Before you hand in your assignment that you have done some research on, before you put in your report with your quotes and such, go through this checklist and make sure you did not plagiarize. Did you make a list of all the books, articles, websites, and other sources you used? Did you keep...

1 - Welcome to the class

26/06/2014 10:22
This course is a complete course of learning in a number of ways, but the main purpose of this course is to teach you how to assess all the choices you have on the Internet, to make the best choices and to teach yourself all the new things on the Internet.     Before we begin you need to...

A2 - Social Media.

26/06/2014 10:21
Your mission: Create a Fakebook/Facebook page (visio libri latin) for one leader whose actions contributed to the development of technology in our world.  Your page must describe your leader and be creative.  Here is your chance to use your imagination.   Your page must: Describe...

Handouts and Files Needed.

01/09/2013 10:14
  The following booklet is needed to learn the quick start and what you need to do.  Once you work though this unit you will understand how to paint and move objects.  Good luck.  Here's the file you need. Here's the lessons to hand in Drawing initial shape of...

3 Timing and Arch

31/08/2013 23:26
Timing Timing is essential to the development of animation. Story development, gags, reactions and character development all depend on a clear sense of timing to be effective. • Analyzing and establishing timing are a part of the process of developing the action of a character in a scene (for...

5D - Drawing Video

30/01/2013 18:38
Click on the following link and view the video to learn how to draw.   Follow along and put it up on Facebook with Snipit.

5E - Assignment for Drawing.

30/01/2013 18:38
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