Sounds on buttons


Attaching sound to buttons

You can attach sounds to buttons in the same manner as above.

  • Double-click on the button in the library panel
  • Edit the button's timeline (e.g. the mouse over, down and hit frames )
  • For each sound you want to attach, create a layer
  • Then insert a new keyframe (F7) and attach the sound
  • You may try to stop a sound (insert a new keyframe)
Flash CS3 Attaching sound to buttons

Editing sounds

Editing sound with the Edit Envelope editor
  • Click in the sound layer in some frame where you have sound
  • In the Properties Panel, Click the Edit ... button next to the Effect: field
  • This opens the Edit Envelope editor.
Manipulation of the sound envelope
  • You can drag left/right Time In and Time Out controls in middle pane. I.e. you can cut off sound from the either the beginning or the end of the sound track.
  • You can drag down volume controls (black lines on top) for the left and the right stereo channel
    • Click to insert a new distortion point for these volume controls
    • Up: means louder / maximum sound
    • Down: means more silent / no sound
  • Use the arrow (down left) to test
  • At bottom right there are zoom buttons and a switch that either shows seconds or frames.

Flash CS3 Sound envelope editor