Assessment will be done on the algorithmic (objective) elements of the project. A significant portion of your grade will be dependent on the following elements with rubrics.

  • The Proposal (Is the proposal on-time, and does it address the required questions appropriately?)
  • The Blog (Does the post meet the required length, address the required topic, and submitted to the form on-time? Do you post regularly?)
  • The Product (Did you successfully move from idea phase to production phase, and do you have something to show at the end of the year?)
  • Productivity (Are you spending your 20% time by actively and passionately working on your project? If not, we need to quickly adjust the project so you are working on something that is intrinsically motivating. This is less objective, but if I see students not being productive, I will intervene.)
  • Final Presentation (Does your presentation meet all of the required elements?)

The following are the rubrics used for assessing your work.

Student Learning Log.pdf (33,4 kB) - used for blogging.

Genius Hour self assessment Rubric.pdf (78,6 kB) - student marking.
Group Contribution Self-Assessment.pdf (24,6 kB) - student marking
Group Learning Log.pdf (40,5 kB) - example for your blogging.

Student Weekly Planning Sheet.doc (28,5 kB) - for your use and to include to show teacher.

Student monthly Planning Sheet.docx (14,6 kB) - for your use and to include to show teacher.

journal_blog Rubric.pdf (55,4 kB) - teacher marking.

Group_Presentation_Marking_Rubric.pdf (52 kB) - teacher marking.
Learning Skills Assessment Rubric.pdf (22,2 kB) - teacher marking

Student Presentation Brief.pdf (28,3 kB) - teacher marking.
Student progress_checklist .pdf (34,5 kB) - teacher marking.

Student Weekly Planning Sheet.doc (29184)
Student progress_checklist .pdf (35319)
Student Presentation Brief.pdf (29023)
Student monthly Planning Sheet.docx (14932)
Student Learning Log.pdf (34179)
Student Investigation Brief (1).pdf (27250)
letter of awareness of genius hour (1).pdf (17927)
Learning Skills Assessment Rubric.pdf (22747)
journal_blog Rubric.pdf (56689)
Group_Presentation_Marking_Rubric.pdf (53268)
Group_Presentation_Marking_Rubric.doc (37888)
Group Learning Log.pdf (41460)
Group Contribution Self-Assessment.pdf (25186)
Genius Hour self assessment Rubric.pdf (80453)
Student Investigation Brief.pdf (27250)