Free Flowing Ideas

So what will you do in your Genius hour?  What's your idea?  You need to understand that no idea is too silly, no idea is bad... What you may think is not a great idea, or silly, may be outstanding to someone else.  So look at this video to help you.

So now, where do good ideas come from?



You can use Padlet which lets you tweet your ideas or pin it on pinterest.  It is a free online tool where anyone can build a 'wall' of statements, comments, ideas, pictures, links, powerpoints, You tube videos, PDFs and much more. It is like a virtual noticeboard.  You can also email it or download it to a word document.  It's free, you can get an account.  And you can embedd it in your blog to show your learning growth.

Or you can use Stormboard, the new Edistorm.  Edistorm takes away the idea of sticky notes on a wall and makes it virtual. Brainstorm, think out ideas alone or with friends; plan out anything you like with Edistorm. Use virtual sticky notes in Edistorm to come up with a multitude of ideas all on one site.  It lets you create PDF files, and down load them.  You can use a voting system on Edistorm as well,



There is also, free to use website that lets you brainstorm individually or as a group. You can create an account and record your ideas through simple mind maps. 


Choose one of these tools to start your freeflow of ideas alone, or with a group of friends.  Invite friends (in the classroom or outside of it)  to critique your thinking.  Ask relatives and family to do the same.  Please invite me (through email) to take a look and I can put in my own two cents :)


When done, please include this in your blog.  Embed it or link to it, and reflect on your learning process in this type of situation. 

  • Was this process of freeflow easy for you to do?
  • What this process helpful in coming up with more ideas or less?
  • Was it helpful to ask others to make comments on your ideas and to help develop more ideas?
  • Was the critiquing of friends and family helpful or harmful?  Please explain this in some detail of the reasoning in your mind why it was helpful or harmful.
  • Which idea are you going to follow up in your genius hour? 
  • Why did you choose this idea?  Why the interst?
  • Where do you think you will find information to help you with your genius idea?

These are but a few questions to answer in your blog.  Just remember that the freeflow of ideas will take a week or two with others helping you, so check back on it every once in a while during the week, ask those who have critiqued for clarification if need be, and reflect on the process every Friday.


Good luck.