Possible Projects to help...

although Genius Hour should be your own ideas of what you want to learn, there have been a number of students that have shown an interest in some areas where there is a learning web site that they use.  Here are some of the areas they have shared:


  • Codecademy is a website that teaches you Programming languages like jQuery, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and CSS for web designing.
  • Photoshop tutorials
  • or another Photoshop tutorial
  • Illustrator tutorials
  • Designing a website using InDesign
  • CSS and building a website through W3Schools. (has many more programming languages
  • Google Maps API system
  • HTML basics - free lessons online
  • More extensive HTML (with Javascript, CSS, etc)
  • App development program and lessons from Google.
  • Courses from Google itself
  • Don't fear the Internet
  • Netmagazine.com and Smashing Magazine has lessons aimed at intermediate ot advance end of web design spectrum.
  • WP Tuts has WordPress tutorials to make a great website blog that can sell.
  • PSP Tuts has photoshop tutorials (some need a subscription to get to).
  • CSS tricks for those of you in web designing.
  • Want to learn how to build a simple web browser in just seven weeks? Or how to build a search engine like Google? Well, with Udacity you can do both and best of all the training is absolutely free and is led by expert professors from Stanford and the University of Virginia.
  • It's not web design training in the traditional sense, but for something completely different, check out Code Racer. Here you have to race to finish code before your enemies, use special weapons to foil their progress and win awards along the way! An interactive and fun way to learn the fundamental skills of HTML and CSS.
  • Rails for Zombies will take you through five zombie adventures, each followed by exercises where you learn by programming Rails in your browser. And best of all, it's free for learning HTML, CSS, and more.
  • MIT has some high school courses that you may be interested in taking right here.
  • You'll need the program to make the apps for androids, it's stored here.