We've talked a lot about learning and how even if you're project doesn't work, it's the learning on the way that is important.  It's the process not the end result that's important.

So when you are considering your learning ask yourself the following and make sure you'll be able to answer these questions for your presentatopm/:
  • What did I/we really learn?
  • What problems did I/we have?
  • How did I overcome these problems?
  • What was it that I/we hoped to accomplish and what stopped us?
  • Is there more I/we can do?  If yes what?
  • What are we most proud of?
  • What can we improve?
  • What did we regret most?
  • Did you think outside of the box, use your imagination and think of a new idea for this project or during this project?
  • Did you think of a new way to do things when you got stuck?  Problem solved on your own or with peers before going to the teacher?  Did you recognize when other group members had a good idea?
  • What skill did Genius hour provide for you that was the best thing for you?

Complete the following sentences in your final blog entry on genius hour...

  • What if we....  (dream big!)
  • I picked this topic because....

  • I learned a lot about .......
  • Am I now a ‘genius’ in this area?  I think being a genius means..... 
  • What would of made Genius Hour better?  
  • Did you like Genius Hour or not?  Give reasoning.  
  • Please take the survey linked here.