So what will you be doing?  What are you looking at presenting to the class, to me, and to others outside of our school?  How will it make a difference?  What do you need to learn to accomplish this project?  How long will it take?  You need to answer the following questions fully to present your idea to your teacher.  You need to make sure you have all these things thought through before you kpresent your proposal to your teacher.  

  • What is your project?

  • What is your driving question that you are investigating or learning?

  • Who will work with you on this project?

  • Who is the audience / user base / client base for this project?

  • Why is this project worthwhile?

  • What do you expect to learn from this project?  Name a number of areas of learning?

  • What PRODUCT will you have to show at the end of the year to visitors who come to learn from you?

  • What sort of expenses will be involved in your project and how will you cover them?

  • What sort of equipment will you need and where will you get it?

  • What is your timeline for completing (or launching) your project? 

  • List many of your tasks you will need to complete that month and indicate which tasks were done or not.

  • How will you present it during our Celebration of learning (a presentation day after school with parents and other visitors invited to visit.  There are two forms of presenting:

  1. At a desk with you or your group in front of a computer in the library (every 15 minutes parents/visitors wander around asking questions of you and you show your learning, then they go to a presentation, then back to you)
  2. At a 15 minute presentation in the library in an auditorium style presentation with you talking and showing your presentation on a TV screen, and parents/visitors sitting in chairs in front of you.  At the end they will ask questions and you will answer them.

You will will answer all these questions and present them to your teacher.  You can use PowerPoint and SlideSpeech or Haikudeck or Prezi or word for that matter  Try something new.  Send me the link of your presentation within 3 days. 


A list of ideas is included on the side menu - "Possible Projects to Help" , with links to web sites that may help you get ideas for your presentation.  It is also listed in the resources.


The following is a document that will help you through the entire Genius Hour Project.  Your teacher will be using this for assessment purposes when she discuss your proposal with you.  You may use it to make sure you have all the facts before your discussion with the teacher, but it is your decision.    

 Click here for a copy of this picture 


Please hand in your proposal as soon as possible, because your teacher needs to look it over and discuss possible problems that may arise in your learning journey.  Thank you.


Ms. Painchaud