The Blog of Reflections.

Each Tuesday every member of every team is required to write a public blog post where students discuss their progress. They write about:

  • What happened over the past week,
  • How it made them feel (yes I want a feeling and why you felt that way).
  • What they learned, what challenges they faced,
  • How they can overcome these challenges
  • What failed (if anything) and why this happened.
  • What they anticipate in the future.

Each blog post must be at least 150 words  and contain a related image that is posted without infringing on anyone's copyright (you can take your own pictures and put them in your blog, so you'll need a Flickr account or Paintbucket accout as well). Students will fill out a simple form that links to their post.


In this Blog you will also need to list what tasks you need to work at as a group, and as an individual, and write down what you have accomplished every Friday, and what you need to do next week.  


Most importantly you need to write what you learned, if you learned anything at all for that week, and if you did nothing that Friday, why?  Where you tired, were you not inspired to work?  How were you feeling that day.  

That's it, every Tuesday, for 15 minutes you need to write a reflections no matter what.


Here are the questions for reflections:

In order please.

  1. What are your ideas at this point?  
  2. Write up your proposal, even if not done, give out our reflections on this process.  The points below need to be covered.
  3. What is the big idea?
  4. Why are you doing this?  Take a look at the resource section for a planning sheet for this process.
  5. Get someone to critique your idea at this time.  What changes do you need to make to your idea.
  6. Write up your proposal on your blog, it can be like the last one but I am sure there are some changes to it.  Your teacher will discuss your proposal with you and will ask you to consider some things.  You NEED to do this thinking, and record (movie, audio using Audacity or garage band audio) your thinking process during this phase. You will have two full days on this day....  Just tell your teacher you need both Monday and Tuesday for this. 
  7. Write a list of tasks that you need to get done.  Put them in order.  Get yourself an account on Trello to put your lists of tasks on it.  You can add your group to this one.  You can label who does what for this program.  you need to have one column for this to do, one for in process, or one for completed.  PLEASE invite me to your Trello account.
  8. Name one important thing you learned in class today.  Why is it important?
  9. List possible problems that may occur in the future.  How are you going to deal with these problems?  How can you avoid these problems?  What are your plans for that?
  10. What is happening that you did not expect?   
  11. What is the best thing that happened and why? 
  12. What are the strengths and weakness of your project at this point?
  13. Look over your tasks, mark what you need to start, what you are in the process of, and what is completed.  In this blog write up what it's like working with a partner or group (if you are working with one).  If you are alone, write up the positives and negatives of working alone.
  14. What is the solution to the problem of...?
  15. What do you think causes your project to turn out the way it did? Why?
  16. What is another way to look at your project?  If you could change one thing what would it be and why?
  17. Name one important thing you learned in class today.  Why is it important?
  18. Look over your tasks form one of your earlier entries, how is it going so far?  Are you completing your tasks at a reasonable rate?  Why or why not?
  19. Write one question about today’s content (what you were trying to do) —something that has left your puzzled.
  20. Do you agree or disagree with the statement - Genius Hour has taken me further then I thought because...?  What evidence is there to support your answer?       
  21. Name 3 objectives for next week, what you want to do and why it's important to do them.  
  22. Today’s lesson should of had three objectives you set for yourself.  What were these objectives,  which of the three do you think was most successfully reached?  Explain.  Or, which was not attained?  Why do you think it was not?
  23. How did this entire genius presentation go, in your opinion.  your reflection should be lengthy at this point, for hopefully you have a strong opinion.  Please back up your opinion with situations that have happened.  It can be negative and positive.  But if negative you need to give an alternative idea to change the negative experience.  Give me a why to fix the negatives.