No Idea is too Silly

Now we need to come up with ideas of what you will do, what would interest you.  No idea is too silly, no idea is too wild.  Take a look at this video.


Did you notice the roles taking place in this video?  Everyone had a turn, everyone had a comment.  These comments, these ideas put together, no one said it was stupid, all comments and critiques were helpful.  It's not the idea that we're afraid of, it's the critism that gets us.  So how do you critique something?  How do you give advice?  This next video will help you with that.Ron Berger's "The story of Austin's Butterfly"



It's not just the critiquing in the video that was so important but the listening as well.  You need to listen to the fellow workers in your group.  You need to understand that people are giving you advise, not just putting down your ideas.  There are so many ways we can misinterprete what is being said to us.

When you blog your reflections and feelings, you will be opening up your blog for others in this classroom, myself and your parents/guardians to be able to comment on your blog as well.  Be it by comment, or by email, you need to understand that what your first interpretation of what has happened may not be the right one.

Julian Treasure talks about the 5 ways to listen better.  


Remember the acronym RASA,

  • Receive,
  • Apreciate,
  • Summarise and
  • Ask.

Reflect what you've learned.