1 - The Importance of Color

24/08/2010 21:12

Try for a moment to imagine what the world would be like without color.  If you compare this monochrome illustration with the color version that is shown at the very end of this writeup you will see how often we rely on color to tell us things.

Sometimes that color will convey a direct message as in traffic-signals and road signs.  At other times it will create a mood or atmosphere, again telling us something but in a less direct manner.  Look at how people make use of color in the clothes they wear and in the ways they decorate their homes.  As you can see, color can be used in amny ways and for widely different reasons.  Your jov as a designer is to use color as an aid to advertise or selling a product.

Designers use color in a number of ways including the following:

  • Using color to explain something
  • Using color to create a mood
  • Using color as decoration.


  1. Gather together three examples of graphic design for each of the above categories.  (2 marks for each - total 6)  As in previous exercises the examples can be the actual printed material or they can be in the form of color sketches.  Beside each examples, write a few sentences explaining your reasons for choosing them (2 marks each - total of 6)  ----- altogether    /12 marks
  2. Make a simple 'collage' (your teacher will explain the process), that communicate one of the following topics:  Danger, Calmness, or Your feelings about school.  

The "collage" should make use of color, texture, shape, etc. but does not need to be recognisable -- it can be an "abstract" composition.  The work should be approximately 15 cm. x 20 cm in size.  Alongside the work, try to explain in words what you are trying to express (10 marks for collage and 10 marks for explanation - 20 in total)


    /32 marks in total  ---------  two days to do this.