A2 - Social Media.

26/06/2014 10:21

Your mission: Create a Fakebook/Facebook page (visio libri latin) for one leader whose actions contributed to the development of technology in our world.  Your page must describe your leader and be creative.  Here is your chance to use your imagination.


Your page must:

  • Describe the ways this person can claim to be a leader in the field of technology. (2 marks)
  • Describe the actions this person took to change, or try to change, the area of technology.  (5 marks)
  • Be prepared to answer any questions that other colleagues ask you on your Fakebook. (5 marks)
  • Present your information in a Facebook style page on Fakebook.  You can use the template provided, but this will be harder to earn exemplary.  You may create your own page and include the following:
    • Wall posts from other inventors/colleagues in the area of computers. (at least 5 posts)
    • Accurate background information about your contributor to the development of technology.
    • Invitations to possible events (at 2 events you make or or real ones)
    • Links and/or photos (at least 10 of them)
    • Who your leader is “friends” with (you can make this up) or actually friend people.


Directions for “Fakebook”: go to https://classtools.net/fb/home/page


  • Follow the instructions.  You can either upload your own picture or use the picture the site finds of your ruler once you type the name. 
  • Enter “Profile” information in the box below.  Enter things like, job, years lived, years ruled, relationship status etc. Must enter like site shows for it to look correct: job=ruler
  • Add posts and friends.  These can be your own status updates based on the biography you read, or posts by other inventors about what you think they might say or think.
  • You can save at any point and go back to it later.  Be sure to save the link it gives!  You’ll need this to get back to ise…
  • When you are done it can be printed.


Possible Leaders: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (sorry you can’t do these two), Atari, inventor of the WII, etc. . 


Whatever leader you are assigned you must read the biography given to find the background information needed for the fakebook page.  Please give the following handout link to your parents for signature.  Thank you.


DUE DATE: to be discussed in class.

See Rubric for assessment

Fakebook Assessment

Name:  _______________________


Technology Profile (minimum of fix extra credit points for more than five)

  • Photo of artist
  • Hometown
  • Birthday
  • Education
  • Job/s
  • Interests or hobbies
  • Relationship status
  • Quotes




Friends             ☐1  ☐2  ☐3  ☐4       ☐5


Posts               ☐1  ☐2  ☐3  ☐4       ☐5       ☐6  ☐7  ☐8  ☐9       ☐10


Comments       ☐1  ☐2  ☐3  ☐4       ☐5       ☐6  ☐7  ☐8  ☐9       ☐10


Accuracy          ☐1  ☐2  ☐3  ☐4       ☐5


Creativity        ☐1  ☐2  ☐3  ☐4       ☐5