2 Symbols

15/11/2010 11:16

Symbols in Flash CS5 are an important concept to understand. There are 3 types of symbols - Movie clip, Button and Graphic. It is best to create symbols for everything that you put on the stage so that it is easy to manage and manipulate. All symbols will appear in the Library.

We're going to put our name on the Flash stage and then make it into a movie and then export it.


Let's start by adding text in the Flash CS5 document.

The text tool is on of the tools provided in Flash CS3. To add text:

  • Click the text tool. 

    text tool in flash cs3
  • Click on the stage where you want to insert the text and type “Train” or whatever the text of your animation is.

    You will notice that while the text is selected, the text properties are shown in the “Properties” window. 

    text properties in flash cs3

  • You can change the text color, size, font etc. from here.

  • For the purpose of this tutorial we are using “static text”.

You can also change the font to “Verdana” and the color to “Black”.

Make a keyframe and put your name on the stage in a text symbol.  Now you'll covert it to a symbol. To do this:

  • Modify > Convert to Symbol
  • Give it a name – e.g "Train Title" and select the option “Graphic”

    convert to symbol in flash cs3



Do a flash file, and have your name in it.  Make sure it's a symbol.  That's it. Show the teachr for the assessment.