3 - The Affects of Color - A week of projects.

25/08/2010 08:02

Think about two of your friends or classmates who are entirely different in character.  Now choose color combinations taht would tell us soething about them.  What you have done is put the character of color to your friends.  

Assignment 1

Go to the following web sites and do what the instructions tell you to do:

  1. go to https://poynterextra.org/cp/colorproject/color.html and do the web site.  You will learn a lot and you need to understand colors better.

There are exercises to complete on this assignment.  Clicking on "Command", "Shift", and the number "4", take a screen shot of each of the exercises.

                        a)  Color, Mood and Meaning  (5 marks for picture -  explanation of choices - 5 marks)

                        b)  Contrast and Dimension assignment (fish article) - (5 marks for picture - explanation of choices - 5 marks)

                        c)  Contrast of Saturation assingment (Daily news.com) -  - (5 marks for picture - explanation of choices - 5 marks)

                        d)  color as Punctuation assignment (going out calendar) -  - (5 marks for picture - explanation of choices - 5 marks)

                        e)  Color on the web - name 4 colors that would be good together (4 marks)

                        TOTAL MARKS  44 MARKS

Meaning of Color

We're not beginning to think in color and you should be able to apply some of this thinking to designing.  

Color is all around us.  We see it all the time.  Most of us don't even realize the impact of color on is.  Yet we sometimes get an uneasy feeling in certain rooms or a very relax feeling in others.  This is called a mood.  The "Color of mood" can be what is surrounding us.  Some of us see color different then others.  We know about people who are colored blind.  Some people see blue-green and that means more blue then green, yet to others they see more green then blue in blue-green.  Understand?  That is why color effect people differently. To understand this further, you need to look at advertisements or attempt to analyze the reasons for the designer's use of certain colors.

You understand the color wheel - the primary colors of light are red, green and blue.  In the 1940's Max Luscher developed a color psychology.  He used 8 colors in his color therapy - red, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, gray and black.  He claimed that he could tell a person's stress level and psychological make up by the order the color was chosen or paired with another color.  To this day advertisers and designers use the same principles.  They try to color their wares or what they are selling so that it stresses you less (to get you relaxed) or stress you more (to grab your attention).  It depends on the message you want to give.

There have been experiments showing that color does affect your health.  Light colors are used in hospitals to help people get well quicker.  It was found that soft green, blue, peach and sunny yellow on walls, and even sheets and gowns cause people to feel better.  It was also found that orange makes people more hungry so some restaurants put that color in their decor.  But after a while it will affect you in the negative as well, giving you an uneasy feeling, so you combine that color with blue or turquoise to give a relax atmosphere with a big appetite to get exactly what you want.  That will be your assignment.  See below.

Assignment 2

Go to a web site and find the feelings AND meanings behind each of these colors.  Type up your response in point form (one for feeling and one for meaning or affect) in an email to your teacher.  You to do 2 meanings/affects and 2 feelings for each color listed below:

a.  red

b.  black

c.  green

d,  yellow

e.  blue

f.  purple

g.  brown

h.  pink

i.  aqua

Email to your teacher.  9 * 4  = 36 in total.


Quiz - Assignment 3

Go to https://www.colorquiz.com/about.html and take the quiz and learn about your stress level.


Then go to https://desktoppub.about.com/od/tests/l/blcolormatching.htm to do the test at bottom of the page.  You can do the test as many times as you want but you need to print out your schore to get the marks to give to your teacher.  You can also take a screen shot if you wishif you wish (command/shift/and the #4 for macs - print screen for PCs in Accessories - Paint ) and email it to your teacher.  1/2 mark each question - total 5 marks.  If you cannot see what A, B and C stand for .  See to your right.


Assignment 4 - Putting it all together.

Below is a picture in black, white and grey. You can print it out or copy it and paste it into Photoshop to color it there.  You are to color the picture - use at least 5 different colors and explain your use of colors.   You can do this in Photoshop or with coloring pencils in my classroom. Total marks 10 marks