4 Resizing and Rotating

15/11/2010 11:18

 Resizing & Rotating 

You can resize and rotate objects in Flash CS5 using the Free Transform tool.

Continuing with the tutorial let's make the bars between the railway track now. We will reuse the line symbol again for this.

  • Make another copy of the symbol “line”.

We will resize it and rotate it to use it as bars between the railway lines. To do this we will use the “Free Transform” tool.

  • Select the copy of the “line” symbol on the stage.
  • Select the “Free Transform” Tool.
    resize and rotate objects with the free transform tool in flash cs3
  • You will see 2 nodes on end of the line symbol.
  • Roll the mouse near one of the nodes.
  • The cursor will change to either a horizontal line with arrow on both ends, an anti – clockwise incomplete circle with an arrow at one end or a slanting double sided arrow.


To reduce the size:

  • Wait till you get the cursor with the horizontal double sided arrow.
  • Click the sift key and slide the curse towards the middle of the line.
  • The line will become smaller.


To rotate the line:

  • Wait till you get the cursor with the anti-clockwise arrow
  • Press the shift key and move the cursor upwards.
  • This is what you will have now.

    rotate and resize objects in flash cs3
  • Position it between the railway lines. To do this, you will need to revert to the normal selection tool first. 

    selection tool in flash cs3
  • Drag the line and resize if required to fit exactly between the 2 railway tracks.
  • You can also resize the symbol by selecting it and manipulating the values of the “width” and “height” in Properties palette.

    resize width and height of symbols in flash cs3

Paste in Place

Use "Paste in Place" to make a copy exactly one over the other in Flash CS3.

By default, Flash pastes in the center of the stage. There are 3 paste options under the Edit menu:

  • Paste in Center
  • Paste in Place
  • Paste Special

Paste in Place

Continuing with the tutorial let us make multiple copies of the smaller slanting line right across the railway tracks.

The easiest way to do this is to:

  • Select the instance of the smaller slanting line on the stage
  • Copy (Edit > Copy)
  • Paste in Place (Edit > Paste in Place).
  • Then, use the right arrow key to move it a little away.
  • Repeat the process.
  • Once you have done around 5, select all 5 (select multiple by pressing the shift key while selecting), paste in place and move.


There are various tools to help you align objects in Flash CS3. These can be accessed from the Modify menu > Align option.

The "Distribute Widths" Alignment Option

Continuing with the tutorial let us ensure that there is equal spacing between each of the smaller slanting lines between the railway tracks. We will do this by using the “Distribute Widths” option.

To do this:

  • Select all the smaller slanting lines (pressing the Shift key) 
  • Align > Distribute Widths

    alignment options in flash cs3

  • You will notice that the lines are all neatly aligned equi-distant from one another.

Railway Track Symbol

Now our railway track is almost ready.

  • Select all the horizontal and slanting lines that form the railway track.
  • Convert it to a Graphic symbol named “Railway Track”.

This is what we have now:

Flash CS3 Animation Tutorial



 ASSIGNMENT:  Continue on with the work....  Continue on with the tree one you made a while ago, and make the train tracks for it.  Then take a screen shot of put it up on facebook.