5 - Changing Symbol Colors

15/11/2010 11:19

Changing Symbol Color and Transforming them... 

We can change the color of a symbol by using the "Advanced" Color option in the Properties window.

Continuing with the tutorial let us make the train now.

The Train

  • Make a new layer. 
  • This should be the top-most layer so that it appears right in front.
  • We can reuse the rectangle, oval and line symbols to create the train by resizing them and changing their color.
  • Drag the rectangle symbol from the Library onto the stage. This will create a new instance of the symbol. 
  • Resize it using the “Free Transform” tool.

Change the Color of the Reused Symbol

To change the color of this instance of the "rectangle" symbol:

  • Select it
  • In the Properties palette, select “Advanced” from the “Color” options dropdown. 
  • Click the “Settings” button next to it.
  • Play around with RGB values till you are happy with the color.

    change the color of a symbol in Flash cs3 
  • Reuse the “rectangle” symbol to make the chimney and other parts of the train as well.



There are various transform options provided in Flash CS3. These include resizing, distorting, skewing, rotating and flipping an object. You can also rotate 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise.

transform options in flash cs3 - rotate 90 degrees cw

Continuing with the tutorial let us make the wheels of the train now.

The Wheel

  • Use the symbol named “oval” to make a wheel. 
  • Resize it to circle by specifying the same width and height in the properties window.
  • Change the color.
  • Use the “line” symbol to make the spokes of the wheel. 
  • Resize and change the color. 
  • Use the zoom tool to zoom in and see small object better. 

    zoom tool 
  • Make another copy of the line and rotate it by using the Rotate 90 Degrees ClockWise option.

    Modify > Transform > Rotate 90 degrees CW
  • Select the wheel and spokes and convert it to a graphic symbol named “wheel”.