4 - Final Color Project - Choice 1.

25/08/2010 14:33

 Find ads or web sites that emphasize the colors listed below.  You will need one ad for each color listed below (which makes it 9 ads).

a.  red

b.  black

c.  green

d,  yellow

e.  blue

f.  purple

g.  brown

h.  pink

i.  aqua

You will need to explain the feelings or mood created from the color.  Explain the effects the color has on the ad.  See rubric below to understand marking idea.


Color Project Outline Marking Sheet                                  /80


Name:  _________________________





1.       Title  Page – name, date, block,  title (which is “Color”)


2.       Table of Content – what is on what pages.  Number the pages.


3.       For each color  the color in the ad/web site must be very obviously the  dominant  feather.



4.       The report is typed up – see below for what is contained in the report.  No spelling errors or grammar errors.

7* 9=      /63

5.       Report must state:


                    i.             Mood or emotion of color


                  ii.             2 reasons why you think this is the mood of the ad


                 iii.             Message of the ad/web site


                 iv.             How the color helps with the message of the ad