5 - Final Project - Choice #2

25/08/2010 16:16

Redo a newspaper layout or a web site following all the rules you learnt on the web site in regards to contrast, depth, etc.  

This link is the newsletter, or this one or this one, or this one, or finally this one.  Your choice of two of these newspapers.

This link is the web site to redo, or this one, or this one, or this one.or this one. Choose two.

You are to print out the old one and then the new one.  You can use any software you wish to redo it.  You can print out the old one and use it to cut and paste in a new layout then use pencil crayons to color in the areas you wish to color.

Remake of Color and set up.  Project #2

TOTAL:     /30 marks.




1.       Title  Page – name, date, block,  title (which is “Color - Choice #2 - Web/Newspaper”)


2     Printout of the original newspaper or web site..      



4.       The report is typed up – see below for what is contained in the report.  No spelling errors or grammar errors.


5.       Report must state:


                    i.        What changes you made to the layout and a good solid reason why the change - at least 3 changes.


                  ii.       What color changes you have made and why (at least 5 different areas of the web site).  If you keep the colors then you need to explain why you are keeping them.


                 iii.       Message of the ad/web site


                 iv.       How the color helps with the message of the ad.  At least 4 reasons.