5B - Brush and Eraser

30/01/2013 17:59



Brush tool

The Brush tool it is on the "Tools panel", it can be used with any of the two main options: "Merge Drawing" and "Object Drawing".
This tool has several modes with different drawing effects. When the Paint Brush tool is selected, a list menu appears on the Tools panel, Brush Mode (see the image below).

The "Brush Mode" button contains the following modes:

  • Paint Normal - The brush paints over everything.
  • Paint Fills - Painting only affects existing fills and empty areas of the Stage. Strokes (lines) are ignored.
  • Paint Behind - The Paint Brush only affects empty areas of the Stage keeping existing lines and fills intact.
  • Paint Selection - affects the selected areas you define with any of the selection tools.
  • Paint Inside - only affects the fill of the shape you started in, ignoring other shapes and empty areas on the Stage.


- Flash previews your paint path as you paint, but it only affects the areas specified in the Paint modes. When you release the mouse, these previews disappear.

Near the Brush Mode button there is "Brush Size" (with a list of options to set the brush size), and "Brush Shape" (with a list of options to set the shape of the brush).
You can set a color for the Paint Brush from "Fill Color".

Brush Size and Brush Shape



The Spray Brush tool allows you to spray particles onto the Stage using the current fill color.
It can be selected from the "Brush tool" button, by press and hold the click on it.
You can adjust the spray pattern by selecting Symbol and Brush options in the Properties Panel.
You can also use a movie clip or graphic symbol from the library as a particle to create a more complex pattern (see the image below).


Eraser Tool

The Eraser Tool is on the Tools panel, it erases everything your cursor touches (depending on the Eraser mode you've chosen) whatever if the drawing is made with "Object Drawing" or "Merge Drawing".
After you have selected the "Erase tool", in the options area of the Tools panel will appear three buttons for erase options:

  • Eraser Mode - with options to control how the Eraser tool works (and what it erases)
  • Faucet - when this option is selected, you can erase a line or a fill in one fell swoop
  • Eraser Shape - used to define the size and shape of the eraser

Eraser tool Options

By default, eraser is in "Erase Normal" mode, it erases everything your cursor touches. There are also other four modes , which have the following effects:

  • Erase Fills - erases only the fill portion of the shapes, keeping lines intact
  • Erase Lines - only the stroke portion of the object disappears, keeping fills intact.
  • Erase Selected Fills - erases only fills in a selected area
  • Erase Inside - erases only the fill of the shape you started in, ignoring lines and other shapes


- Eraser only affects lines and shapes which can be edited, had no effect on the groups, text or symbols. Those elements can be removed by selection and then press the Del (Delete).