14/01/2016 13:53

Bib-me is a fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills.  It's the easiest way to generate citations, to list all the books, websites, and magazies that you have used for an assignment.  If you use someone else's work you say it.  You can even ask the person if it's ok to use their work.  But this site helps you make the bibliography using a style that's called APA.  Go to it.

Write a bibliography. It can be very hard to find the same information source you were using at a later time if you don’t write it down. A bibliography is a list of the sources you used to get information for your report or research. It is included at the end of a report or research project.  To prepare your final bibliography you need to keep track of each book, encyclopedia, article, or website as you are reading and taking notes. To take notes for your bibliography, you might use a writing notebook or you might use note cards. When you write your entire bibliography for your report or research project you will write your sources in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names. Sources that don’t have authors should be alphabetized by title. There are different ways to write a bibliography and you should use the one your teacher asks you to use. 

Your teacher asks you to do a report on Bill Gates' Life or Steve Jobs' life.  Find some  books, encyclopedia articles, magazines, and websites full of information. You begin to read some of these sources and you start to write your report. It’s almost time for you to go to lunch and you have to clean up. You come back to class the next day and you can’t remember what books, articles, magazines, and websites you used. You can prevent that from happening. Here’s how…


  • Choose which person you want to write the paper about.  Now look him up on the Internet, and find a site that is interesting with a lot of facts. 
  • Go to BibMe - 
  • Select APA style
  • Select Website.
  • Type in your person's name.
  • Select the site you want to use
  • You can now select the auto mode or the manual mode where you edit what information is missing.
  • If you cannot get some of the information that needed, that tells you that the site may not be a good site.  Fro example, everyone uses Wikipedia but no one verifies the information on that site.  So I usesd Huffington Magazine because if they print something that is not true they can be sued.
  • Find a site, get the URL, and go back to Bibme.
  • Put in the address of that webiste on the page.  Mty address is 
  • YOu will see a number of pieces of information come up but if you hit continue or manual, you are able to fill in a bit more, example the access date, who the publisher is of the web site.
  • Once completed click finished and your citation comes up for copying to a word document.
Now go find 2books, one magazine, one video,  and 3 web sites on Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.  
Hand in your bibliography to your teacher for them to check it over.