c - Adding sound to your button.

15/11/2010 14:35

 This tutorial will show you the basics of incorporating sound into your flash layout and more specifically, by adding a sound to a button. Make sure you read my other tutorials, including the creating a button tutorial, before proceeding to this! It's assume you know the basics of how to create keyframes, layers, and import to library.

1. First, create a button symbol and double click it to go into editing mode for the button.

2. Now, create a keyframe in the "Over" frame. See image 1.

Image 1
Adding keyframe in tutorial for adding sound to flash

3. Create an entirely new layer and name it "Sound."

4. Import your sound file (usually .mp3 format) into your library.

5. Now, highlight and make sure you're in the "Over" frame on your "Sound" layer.

6. Drag the sound file in your library to your screen where the button is. See image 2, which is me dragging the "pop" sound onto the screen in the Over frame of the Sound layer.


Image 2
Incorporating and adding sound to Flash CS3 buttons

7. Press Ctrl+Enter to play your flash file. Whenever you hover over your button, your sound should play!

That's it, it's very simple. Now you should know how to add sound to a Flash CS3 button and to incorporate sound into your Flash files.